Payday loans in Alaska

Legality of payday advance in Alaska

If you doubt whether payday advance in Alaska is legalized, refer to Alaska Stat. §§ 06.50.010 et seq document. The statute directs the legit payday loans in Alaska. Credit providers must have a lawful business certificate and permits for their website.The maximum cash advance amount in Alaska is $500, and the highest APR is 15% or $5 + the lesser of $15 per $100. The minimum advance term is 14 days. You may cancel the loan until the next working day.

How many payday loans can you have in Alaska?

If you want to take several loans simultaneously, it is possible. Payday loan in Alaska state law does not specify the maximum number of loans you can take. This implies that you may renew your advance twice. After the loan period ends, you will have to reimburse the total credit amount.

Direct payday loan lenders in Alaska

How can you apply for online payday loans in Alaska?

When determining lender’s eligibility, one has to meet the general requirements to get an online payday advance in Alaska:

be a US resident;

be 18 years old or over;

own a valid ID or driver’s license;

have a sufficient source of income;

have a bank account to which you will receive money;

provide private data such as a permanent address, your Social Security number, and banking details.