Payday loans in Iowa

Legality of payday advance in Iowa

Bear in mind that the above-mentioned service is totally a legal activity approved by the authorities in Iowa. To see the details about legit payday loans in Iowa, refer to the credit document Iowa Code Ann. 533D.1 et seq. As it was stated earlier, the maximum for individuals applying for a sum of short-term loan is no more than 500 USD. You should pay back borrowed funds within 31 days. Payday advance in Iowa allows the creditor to charge you a commission of 15 USD if the individual takes 0-100 USD on face amount of check. Also, the rule mentions 10 USD per 100 USD thereafter.

How many payday loans can you have in Iowa?

Payday loan in Iowa State regulatory system allows taking the funds just one time as two payday loans. This means that receiving the two credits is allowed as long as the total debt does not exceed five hundred US dollars. The reason is that the credits are for a short period and minor amounts. The individual must pay the funds back within the indicated timeframe.

Direct payday loan lenders in Iowa

How can you apply for online payday loans in Iowa?

The online application procedure is not complicated and does not entail a pile of documents. Individuals should meet the following requirements to get an online payday advance in Iowa:

should be over 18 years old;

be a US citizen;

provide a permanent address, phone number, and email;

have the regular income proof or required level of earnings;

have a bank account to which borrower will receive money;

have a valid ID or driver’s license.