Payday loans in Washington

Legality of payday advance in Washington

If you wish to get a payday advance in Washington, here’s what to expect: the maximum sum is $700 or 30% of GMI, whichever amount is less. Be ready to pay 15% commission for the first $500. The lender will charge 10% for the remaining portion of the loan exceeding $ 500 up to the $700 maximum. A minimum credit period is 7 days, while the maximum is 45 days. To learn about legit payday loans in Washington, refer to Wash. Rev. Code Ann. 31.45.010 et seq.

How many payday loans can you have in Washington?

Payday loan in Washington statute allows no more than 8 loans in 12 months. An individual cannot hold a check or checks in an aggregate face amount of more than $700 with allowable charges from any one borrower at any one time. The APR will vary depending on the duration of your payday advance.

Direct payday loan lenders in Washington

How can you apply for online payday loans in Washington?

It takes only a few minutes to apply for an online payday advance in Washington. Most people qualify for a loan if they are:

should be over 18 years old;

be a US citizen;

provide a phone number and email address;

have the regular income proof or required level of earnings;

have a bank account to which the platform will transfer funds;

have a valid ID document.